About goudleeratelier van soest

My name is Sebastiaan Van Soest, owner of Goudleer-atelier Van Soest, and son of Petronella van Soest-Hendriks and Henricus Adrianus Bernardus van Soest. My father, H.A.B. van Soest, was a pioneer in preserving and restoring existing gilded leather and in fabricating new gilded leather. In March 2005, he unfortunately passed away, much too early.

I literally grew up among the gilded leather. My father taught me to create gilded leather at my mother’s knee. Wherever my parents went to work, they took my sister and me along. We were often to be found at the Business’s atelier, until 1999 located at Kazernestraat 88a in The Hague.

In the 90s, the Business created a gilded leather room for a replica of Huis ten Bosch at the Holland Village in Japan. That was the first time I participated in manufacturing gilded leather. Because I did not want the gilded leather craft to be lost, I have taken it up again, a few years after my father’s death. Gilded leather combines well and has many applications. My mission is to breathe new life into gilded leather and give it a modern look and application.

Sebastiaan van Soest – goudleermaker